Tuesday, July 17, 2007

turn off ServerHitBin complaints

When ofbiz falls down a flight of stairs and then writes a novel about it, one of the themes is often ServerHitBin. Message associated with the ServerHitBin error:

If you turn of persistance of visits you should also turn off persistence of hits.

I don't know how to configure persistance of either one, but I'd sure like to. So, how?

I see that this message comes from the ServerHitBin.saveHit method, as a result of checking UtilProperties.propertyValueEqualsIgnoreCase(serverstats ... something)
which, after some grep practice, turns out to be in framework/webapp/config/serverstats.properties
where you can adjust how carefully the webapp tracks visits and hits. I notice some of these options were set to the mysterious troolean value of ftrue.

Now that I turned all the stats collection off, I get no more ServerHitBin errors